Open a Folder or File in a new VS Code window on Mac OS

Problem: When opening a new folder in VS Code (Mac OS), I want it to open a new VSCode window, and not add the folder to the already open window. I’m used to the Atom IDE behaviour from years back.

Fix: There are two settings that help here:
window.openFoldersInNewWindow controls whether a folder should be opened in the same window or a new one.

window.openFilesInNewWindow does the same for Files, i.e. when you open just a single file.

These settings can be found in the ‘Code > Preferences > Settings’ menu item. OR easier still, with the shortcut  ⌘, (or ‘Command’ plus ‘comma’ keys, if you can’t see the shortcut to the left here)

Once in Settings, start typing window.openF and you should see both options there. Set one or both to on for the desired behaviour. Can’t remember if you have to restart VS Code or not after changing this. Try it!

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