cPanel Monthly Licensing in the UK for Rackspace Cloud Server

Problem: Ok not really a problem, but I’m trying to create a server set comprising as much UK based kit/software/support as possible. The server is on Rackspace’s UK Cloud arm.

Fix: After searching about it looks like LicensePal is a UK company.

Help me: If you found this link useful, and you’re about to order, please visit License Pal via my Affiliate link (you’ll get one also as soon as you buy anything from them): – Cheers!

.htaccess hidden on Rackspace Cloud Sites (in FTP, with Filezilla)

Problem: When connecting to a Rackspace Cloud site via FTP, hidden files are.. uh.. hidden. Usually Filezilla shows everything.

Fix: There is a setting in Filezilla called ‘Force showing hidden files’ that does exactly that. To activate that, go to the ‘Server’ menu item and select it. Like this: Continue reading “.htaccess hidden on Rackspace Cloud Sites (in FTP, with Filezilla)”