Intel Rapid Storage Technology alerts to Google Apps account

Problem: Intel Rapid Storage Technology allows for system warning and error alerts to be sent to an email address (or several if you want). In the mail settings it does allow for the port to be set, but there aren’t any authentication options.

Solution: Contrary to my previous beliefs, Google DOES seem to allow you to send unauthenticated on port 25 as long as it’s addressed to an address in your own domain. So I set:

  • FROM address to ‘’
  • TO address to ‘’
  • Port to ’25’
  • Host to
    • And it works.. now I don’t get this.. surely it’s an open relay then? Comments?

    Searching between dates in GMail

    Problem: I’m doing my tax return šŸ™ And need to frequently look for emails sent andĀ receivedĀ in the 2010/11 tax year.

    Fix: Gmail is really powerful when the text search box is used. There are various advanced search operators but the ones that help here are ‘before:’ and ‘after:’. When twinned with ‘from:’ or ‘to:’ it returns exactly what you want. Continue reading “Searching between dates in GMail”