cPanel Monthly Licensing in the UK for Rackspace Cloud Server

Problem: Ok not really a problem, but I’m trying to create a server set comprising as much UK based kit/software/support as possible. The server is on Rackspace’s UK Cloud arm.

Fix: After searching about it looks like LicensePal is a UK company.

Help me: If you found this link useful, and you’re about to order, please visit License Pal via my Affiliate link (you’ll get one also as soon as you buy anything from them): – Cheers!

Using Mac Image Capture with Nikon D70 (Direct Cable connection)

Problem: Recently I dug out my old Nikon D70 to take some pics on holiday. When I connected it to my Mac (OS X v10.8.4) via the USB cable, Image Capture fired-up as expected, but when I tired to Import them I got an error stating that Image Capture was unable to import the RAW images.

Solution: It turns out that the USB mode needs to be ‘M’ now, (Mass Storage Device Mode). To set this:

  1. Press ‘Menu’ on the D70 (after disconnecting it from the Mac.
  2. On the far left of the menu, select the spanner icon to enter the ‘Settings’ sub-menu.
  3. In the Settings menu, scroll up/down to get to the ‘USB’ setting.
  4. Enter the USB setting, and set it to ‘M’ rather than ‘P’ (Picture Transfer Protocol).
  5. Reconnect the USB cable, and the images should now import ok.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology alerts to Google Apps account

Problem: Intel Rapid Storage Technology allows for system warning and error alerts to be sent to an email address (or several if you want). In the mail settings it does allow for the port to be set, but there aren’t any authentication options.

Solution: Contrary to my previous beliefs, Google DOES seem to allow you to send unauthenticated on port 25 as long as it’s addressed to an address in your own domain. So I set:

  • FROM address to ‘’
  • TO address to ‘’
  • Port to ’25’
  • Host to
    • And it works.. now I don’t get this.. surely it’s an open relay then? Comments?

    Get ID of the WordPress ‘Front Page’ in Theme’s functions.php

    Problem: I wanted to add some Meta Boxes to the homepage only, and have them only visible in WP-Admin when editing that page.

    Solution:  Provided that a page has been selected in wp-admin > General Settings > Reading Settings > A Static Page [Front Page], then this code can be used to pull that value out as a Page ID: Continue reading “Get ID of the WordPress ‘Front Page’ in Theme’s functions.php”

    phpMyAdmin Fatal Error with imageftbbox() after clicking ‘Profiling’ checkbox

    Problem: I accidentally clicked the ‘Profiling’ textbox in the Browse view of phpMyAdmin (see image below) and it immediately redirected the page and spat the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function imageftbbox() in /Users/[whatever]/Sites/phpmyadmin/libraries/chart/pChart/pChart.class on line 1118

    Continue reading “phpMyAdmin Fatal Error with imageftbbox() after clicking ‘Profiling’ checkbox”

    Searching between dates in GMail

    Problem: I’m doing my tax return 🙁 And need to frequently look for emails sent and received in the 2010/11 tax year.

    Fix: Gmail is really powerful when the text search box is used. There are various advanced search operators but the ones that help here are ‘before:’ and ‘after:’. When twinned with ‘from:’ or ‘to:’ it returns exactly what you want. Continue reading “Searching between dates in GMail”

    Getting subcategory totals [shopp(‘subcategory’,’total’)] to work in Shopp Plugin 1.1.*

    Problem: Pulling the total number of products from a subcat in Shopp doesn’t seem to work out the box. For example, this code WON’T return the total even though the correct tag shopp(‘subcategory’,’total’) is used: Continue reading “Getting subcategory totals [shopp(‘subcategory’,’total’)] to work in Shopp Plugin 1.1.*”

    Capture last viewed category in product view in Shopp Plugin for WordPress

    Problem: I’m using the Shopp 1.1.9 ecommerce plugin for WordPress, and my client wanted to display specific background images while showing certain products. Shopp is very complete, but one thing that is missing in the current version ‘out of the box’ is the ability to pull the ‘last viewed’ category name when viewing a product. Obviously a product can belong to more than one cat, so it can’t know which one to display… Continue reading “Capture last viewed category in product view in Shopp Plugin for WordPress”