Remove all account data, stored mail and attachments from Postbox app (Mac OS)

The problem with stored Postbox data

I use Postbox, the Mail Client as a tool for checking problems with customer’s email accounts, and migrating mail data. When I have finished using it I don’t want to retain their data, nor do I want it taking up space on my machine. Just removing the ‘accounts’ doesn’t actually remove the data, it sits in Application Data forever (well maybe not forever, but a long time).

The solution might be user profiles

While searching for the location of stored mail data, I chanced across the Postbox Profile Manager. This allows complete profiles to be added and removed.

Enabling the Postbox Profile manager:

  1. Preferences > General > ‘Show Profile Manager on startup’ (tick checkbox).
  2. Restart Postbox.

Once restarted the following dialogue box will be shown:

Postbox profiles dialogue box

From here you can right-click on a profile name to delete the profile.

Beware: Deleting a profile removes all the account data stored in it. If the deleted profile is the main/default one, Postbox will think it’s just been installed and prompt you for account data at next startup.

An idea

Instead of sticking with one profile, deleting it when a body of work has been finished, why not add a per-job or per-client profile before you begin? Then at the end of work, the profile can be deleted without completely resetting Postbox:

A client profile added to postbox

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