Golf MK3 Boot / Tailgate ‘grip molding’ fixing missing

Vehicle: 1996 Golf Mk3 VR6 Highline.

Problem: One of the 4 machine screws attaching the trim surrounding the hatchback / tailgate / boot lid lock mechanism was missing. This resulted in rattling, which is an irritation, but more seriously the trim bent every time the boot was opened. The original fixings are Torx headed with an integral washer.

Solution: The original fixing’s part number is N90626201 but it’s no longer available. Taking measurements from an existing fixing shows that the size is M5 x 14mm (standard 0.8 mm pitch), and fixings of this size are available all over the place. Be careful with the length, this fixing screws into a closed-head Rivet Nut welded into the panel. The fixing hole isn’t countersunk so be sure to use a machine screw with a flat-bottomed head. E.g. cheese head, pan head, socket head or fillister head. It won’t hurt to use a small washer also, but if so maybe use a dab of thread-lock too.


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