Can’t activate Spotify Premium account on VodaFone 4G Red contract.

2017 Update: This tips is very old now, and the information is almost certainly out of date.

Problem: Just bought a new VodaFone contract that includes Spotify Premium (or Sky Sports something or other), and we website / in-store / 191 support don’t seem to know how I should actually activate it.

Solution: Send a text with the word ‘Entertainment’ to 97613. You’ll get a reply from VodaFone with a link and instructions. This worked at time of posting, 5s’s are new, 4G-ready contracts are new. Expect this to change.

9 thoughts on “Can’t activate Spotify Premium account on VodaFone 4G Red contract.”

  1. Followed the vodafone link to set up spotify until it ran into an error, have tried to follow the link again but is now leading me to a one month free spotify rather than the 6months I’m entitled to

    1. Exactly the same issue with mine. Gone through the whole process and only being offered 1 month for free then £9.99pm after. Supposedly the Technical team have to look into it??? CRAZY!

  2. This is happening with me too. Incredibly frustrating as I only took out this contract for the free spotify premium. I could have taken a cheaper contract otherwise. Please tell me there is a fix for this now as is is clearly not s new problem???

  3. Can’t get spotify to connect to my vodafone account, got 24 months free. It asks for a user name , pass word and then email .. Which ones .. I have a iPhone 6 , is it my Vodafone account details, do I make one up .. It keeps telling me my email adress is taken .. Yes by me .. I don’t want to use Facebook . I’m loosing the will to live , had it a week and can’t get it

  4. I have had the same problem for 6 months. I’ve been backwards and forwards with Vodafone technical support on the phone and via email and now it seems ot have disappeared into the ether as I am not even being updated on progress.

    I’m not sure if this is a valid reason to cancel my contract but I’m seriously considering it.

  5. You subscribe for the free service one even if it is showing for a period of 1 month trial then call the customer care team on 191 and ask them to inform the technical team to ensure that the one you subscribed in does not add any charges on your account as per your contract you have it for free then ask for a confirmation text message to be sent to you that you currently have the free one for whichever duration set in your contract as an assurance/proof for later on, better safe than sorry. Hope this was helpful! 🙂

  6. Like everyone else on this page i have tried to get spotify premium along with my vodafone contract

    I phoned them 6 times and they aaid that there was a problem at their end

    I told them that if it is their fault i want compensated for breach of contract and they have agreed to pay

  7. I’m going through the same nonsense right now, 8th time tonight that they have tried to fix it, been told it will be sorted in the next 24-48hours…again.

    What right do I have to cancel my contract if they don’t fix it?

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