Replace nearside headlamp on Fabia vRS Mk1 without removing battery!

Problem: According to many websites and a few mechanics, replacing the nearside headlamp on a Mk1 Fabia vRS involves removing the battery and battery box. This is because the clear plastic light-cluster cover almost touches the plastic battery box. Thankfully this is not true, as I’ve just found out… you don’t even need very small hands 🙂

Fix: The bulb can be replaced by removing the cover and fitting the new bulb in a certain fashion best illustrated with some photos:

Very little space!
Very little space between the plastic light wiring cover, and the plastic batter box.
Detail showing the two plastic clips still in place… see next image.
Plastic clips pressed and popped backwards. The cover has two locating tabs at the bottom which it can partially hinge on.
Lift the cover slightly both sides to disengage the locating tabs on the bottom, then twist the whole thing clockwise, raising the left, and not pushing it too far towards the battery box. There is only one way this thing comes out.
Remove the black plastic connecter containing to spade terminals (large green circle). Unhook the spring-retainer clip from the notches (small green circle) in the bulb carrier.
Remove old bulb, taking note of the way it came out, tab upwards.
Insert new bulb. I found holding the terminals at 90 degrees between index and middle finger worked best. DO NOT TOUCH THE BULB GLASS!

… then replace the spring clip, and terminal connector, then replace the plastic cover in the exact reverse of the way you removed it.

Simple… but as people were actually taking their cars to a garage to do this I though it was worth posting a quick how-to. Happy to correct anything I have wrong, or explain things if you leave a comment!

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14 thoughts on “Replace nearside headlamp on Fabia vRS Mk1 without removing battery!”

  1. I found that if you remove the top cover of the battery box, then slide out the front cover of the battery box closest to the light cover, it gives you a little more room for manoeuvring out the light cover and bulb. It only takes seconds to do this by releasing three clips and provides a little more room in an already tight area.

  2. thanks for that, just took me minutes to replace the light bulb, however, it turn out i had to replace the fuse too

  3. Easy peasy, if a bit grubby, and I have no technical knowhow.
    Took longer to get the bulb cover back on than to do the job.
    Thank you very much.


  4. Thanks,

    Changed all four head & side light bulbs on my Skoda in 15 minutes. Latex gloves reccommended. The pictures really help.

  5. Just fitted a new bulb with my iPad balanced on top of the battery cover – all went smoothly and I was about to take the car to the garage for this trivial job. Thank you for the article!

  6. Hi Ben, I’d been told this was a bit of a mare but your pix could not have made it more straightforward. All done on my 2003 Fabia in Halford’s car park in about five mins. Latex gloves very useful, as Paul E said. Thanks, Steve

  7. Thanks Ben for sharing this – really took no time at all to change the bulb I was after!
    Latex gloves would have been handy but there’s very little baby wipes won’t clean!

  8. Many thanks Ben. I would not have had the confidence to try this until I read your detailed advice – quite straightforward on our basic Fabia too!

  9. 5 min job, would never have worked it out myself. Was going to remove battery. Reminded me of a metal puzzle in a Christmas cracker!!! Much appreciated!!

  10. I was struggling doing this until I found this instruction and then it was easy. I am very grateful for it.

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